The Top Flowers for an Irish Wedding: A Blooming Good Time!

Introduction: Ah, weddings! The time when love is in the air and petals are scattered everywhere. If you’re planning an Irish wedding ( THE BEST WEDDINGS in THE WORLD!) or simply want to add some Celtic charm to your special day, you’re in the right place. We’ve got you covered with the top flowers for an … Read more

Mother’s Day Flowers

Where does Mother’s Day come from, and why do we send flowers? Forget your Christmases and your Valentine’s Days, the favourite and most celebrated day for our Florists is Mother’s Day! Irish mammies are some of the most revered and adored Mothers in the whole world. And rightly so! As we get ready to create … Read more

5 Best Indoor Plants for Better Health

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Looking for quick and easy ways to improve your health this year? It can be as easy as adding a few more indoor plants to your house or office! With everyone starting diets and attempting dry January (who are we fooling?), committing to a New Year’s resolution can be daunting. But why give up the … Read more

The Origins of the Christmas Wreath

The Origins of the Christmas Wreath Here at Oasis Florists, Christmas Wreaths are a huge part of our festive range. Kicking off the season, our beautiful handmade and decorated wreaths symbolise, for us, the beginning of Christmas. On that note, here’s a little insight into the varied and fascinating origins of the humble Christmas wreath. … Read more

It’s Debs Time again!

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Debs season is in full swing, the ultimate blow out celebration after the long, hard slog of secondary school! Whilst it may be a costly exercise, ordering your corsage is not. Here are the key things your florist needs to know. Firstly, the colour of the dress! While the flower will almost never match the … Read more

Top 5 Wedding Floral Trends this Summer!

What’s hot this summer on the Bridal scene! Soft and scented is the way forward and it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere soon! Here are the top 5 most popular flowers requested this year by our discerning brides….. HYDRANGEA Ever popular, the hydrangea comes in so many beautiful colours, with more varieties coming to … Read more

Summer Planting Tips

Now that Summer is finally here, it’s time too late to go out and get that garden sorted! This mild weather, teamed with the fabulous sunshine, make the perfect growing conditions for summer bedding and shrubs. We carry a great selection of Irish Grown plants and bedding so here’s a bit of info to encourage … Read more

RE-purpose your Pots & Planters

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Fresh ideas on re-purposing and re-using those pots/planters and containers sitting around the house and garden since winter! All of us have received over the past months/years beautiful planted arrangements as gifts! Whilst they make fantastic gifts, as they last quite a long time, a lot of you were at a loss as to what … Read more