Top 5 Wedding Floral Trends this Summer!

What’s hot this summer on the Bridal scene! Soft and scented is the way forward and it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere soon! Here are the top 5 most popular flowers requested this year by our discerning brides…..


Ever popular, the hydrangea comes in so many beautiful colours, with more varieties coming to the market every year. In shades of pink, blue, purple, green and white, it’s a versatile bloom which will suit most colour palettes. Traditionally used in a hand-tied posie style bouquet, hydrangea look great bunched together as a stand alone bloom for maximum impact. Alternatively, they create a wonderful backdrop for roses, freesia and lisianthus.


Sweet smelling with delicate blooms, peony start off as a compact ball and burst open to reveal layers of soft petals with beautiful scented centres. As they are so delicate we usually recommend pairing them with stronger flower such as roses or even carnations to help support the stems and hold the flower shape. Although they are fabulous bunched together, open in a pretty vintage style bouquet, wafting floral scents. Another complimentary bloom to the hydrangea.


Another of our scented blooms, Stocks are a soft & simple flower. Not traditionally used for bridal bouquets in recent years but have made a comeback this year, possibly due to the variety of pastel shades and gorgeous smell. These pretty flowers look best bunched loosely together and tied with lace or tulle for a wild yet elegant look.


Wild and wonderful, there is a real revival, in bridal and everyday floristry, towards wildflowers. Varying with every region, and with the seasons, the flowers may be different but the effect is the same. Team them with some locally sourced seasonal foliages. Perfect for vintage/boho styles!


Increasingly popular is the foliage bouquet! No Flowers needed. Mixing different colours and textures to create a stunning natural style bouquet is a practical option. Perfect with all colour palettes and bridal styles. Use viburnum berries, ivy, eucalyptus & ferns to name a few with added interest from succulents or poppy seed heads! Your local florist will advise you as to what is seasonally available.

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