Summer Planting Tips

Now that Summer is finally here, it’s time too late to go out and get that garden sorted! This mild weather, teamed with the fabulous sunshine, make the perfect growing conditions for summer bedding and shrubs. We carry a great selection of Irish Grown plants and bedding so here’s a bit of info to encourage you to get started!

Hanging Baskets

Trailing lobelia, geranium, surfinia and bacopa are brilliant plants for hanging baskets as they spill out & trail down with abundant flowers. Be sure to add water retention gel and slow release plant food to your compost when planting to keep feeding your baskets right through the season. We still have plenty of trailing summer colour in stock in our garden centre.

Window boxes

Window boxes, either plastic or terracotta, will also benefit from feed/gel addition to the compost and wherever possible a saucer/tray under the box. Plant taller plants such as geraniums, osteo daisy or fuchia to the back or centre of the box and fill the front with trailing plants for best impact at all angles. As with all baskets/pots/boxes watering is essential. At least every second night in this hot, muggy weather (even if its been raining!!)

Planters & pots

Shrubs planted in pots are particularly vulnerable in these warmer temperatures. Water weekly at a minimum and feed monthly. Iron tonic is best for evergreen shrubs such as box, bay and camelia. We stock a good selection of multi-purpose and specific feeds here in store and our staff can advise you on which are most suitable.

We also have a planting service where you can drop your baskets or boxes (empty) in to us and we will re-plant them for you. We stock compost, organic fertilizers, lawn care and pest control products.

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