buy your debs corsage flower delivery Dublin

It’s Debs Time again!

Debs season is in full swing, the ultimate blow out celebration after the long, hard slog of secondary school! Whilst it may be a costly exercise, ordering your corsage is not. Here are the key things your florist needs to know.

Firstly, the colour of the dress! While the flower will almost never match the fabric exactly, we use tones of the same colour to match. Alternatively go for a contrasting colour to really stand out. Shades of white and pink work well with pinks, greys, blues and greens, but rich tones like burgundy or purple love a bright lime green or orange as the similar shades get lost against the fabric.

Secondly, which kind of accessories is she wearing? (i.e. silver, black, gold, rose gold etc.,) It’s nice to match the corsage bracelet with the jewellery, bag or shoes. We have a great selection of bracelets to choose from. We finish dressing the corsage with beads or feathers and foliage.

There are also Debs bundles on offer, including matching buttonhole for the gent, flowers and chocolates, so please ask for details when you are ordering online or in store. All our bracelets an be used again with or without flowers attached so don’t throw them out! 

If you wish to order a corsage just give us a call on (01) 4900112 or email