New Year, New You? Wedding Planning Tips….

So now that Christmas has come and gone and we collectively breath a sigh of relief whilst simultaneously avoiding the stressful sight of bank balances!!!! we can start to look forward to the new experiences coming our way this 2018!

January is a time of new beginnings, resolutions and plans! Whether it be an upcoming wedding or a darling new arrival on the way, this is the month to get your lists done and start getting your life in order:)

Making a list is not only helpful, but extremely therapeutic! Watching all those jobs get ticked off your list will help you feel like your ACTUALLY getting somewhere! So if you have a wedding this year here are a few tips to help you power through the planning!

* Break your list down into categories (Dresses, Photos, FLOWERS, hotel,etc.,) so you can clearly see the areas that need attention.

* Under each category, list every task , no matter how small. This will give you a better awareness of what needs to be done and a greater sense of achievement as you see those little ticks pile up!

* Try and complete a few simple tasks that don’t take up to much time and one more complicated task each time. This way you won’t get overwhelmed yet the work is getting done.

* Add some FUN tasks in each category ( buying your Bridal Shoes, Visit the venue for Lunch or dinner to get a feel for the place, any kind of shopping 😉 It is your Big Day after all, planning should be FUN!

* DELEGATE* This one is so important! Yes its your big day but your partner is also involved so rope them in and give them specific tasks. It will help them feel more included and be sure to add some tasks you can do together! Also, you chose those Bridesmaids and Best Men for a reason, put them to work!

*Liase with the sacristan of your church or your registrar and the hotel wedding planner and let them advise you and organise as much they can for you. They have seen it all and done it all before so use this knowledge and experience to your advantage.

* Get ahead of the game! There are always last minute details you will have to finalise but for the most part, these tasks can be boxed off well in advance. Make the run up to your Wedding as easy as you can by getting things organised EARLY. Visit your FLORIST for example, a few months in advance. Show us your ideas and we will advise you on which flowers are in season and which style will suit your dress/theme. Its best to have chosen your Bridesmaids dresses when you consult your FLORIST, let us know before you visit and we can order suitable options in for your consultation

* ENJOY IT!!!! This should be one of the BEST days of your life so make it count. Please yourselves first and foremost and have FUN with it. Trust that the day will be so much more enjoyable when you see your hard work and planning come together and you will be able to RELAX and enjoy it for the magical experience it is!

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