Mother’s Day Inspo!

Mother! Mammy! Mum! Ma! It doesn’t matter what you call yours, we’ve all got one! And let’s be honest, most of us would be lost without them. From the free babysitting and Sunday dinners, to the shoulder to cry on and sound words of advice, loving our Mammies is a truly Irish thing! Even when they drive us nuts!!! So with this is mind, we’ve put together some tips and gift ideas for Mothers Day, Sunday March the 11th.

My own Mam is a keen gardener so she nearly always gets a plant for Mothers Day. The trick is trying to find something that she doesn’t already have!!! As her garden is also well established, I try to plant it up in a nice ceramic pot so she won’t have to worry about finding a spot for it in the garden! If your Mother is a green fingered lady too, call in to see us anytime before Mothers Day and we can advise you on which plant to choose! Gift idea: give your Mother a “gardening voucher” which she can cash in to get you to do any weeding or tidying up before the summer!

Most of us crave a home cooked meal from our Mammies! They do it best after all! So, how about a good quality leather bound notebook for Mum to jot down all your favourite recipes to keep forever? Gift idea: Give your Mother a lovely wooden trug of fresh herbs for her windowsill. Parsley, thyme, basil and rosemary are firm favourites in most kitchens. Find our version, The Kitchen Garden, in our Mothers Day Collection.

As always, Flowers are something we Mams rarely buy for ourselves, they are a real luxury! So we will have a fabulous selection of Bouquets and Arrangements in seasonal colours for the Mothers Day weekend! Gift Idea: Peruse our Mothers Day collection online for inspiration or call us in store on (01)4900112 and we can advise you on our most beautiful blooms in stock!

If your Mum already has everything she needs, perfume, flowers, scented candles, all the usual gifts, why not offer to paint a room for her? Clear out the garage / shed? Take on a job that your Mum has been avoiding for whatever reason and get it done! She will be only delighted!!! We mammies love a helping hand, but seldom ask so don’t wait to be asked, just jump in and offer 😉

For those of you who unfortunately don’t have your Mother with you anymore, Mothers’ Day can be a tough time. But even though they are not here, you can still remember them and all the lovely things you did together and for each other. Perhaps take a page from a good friend of mine’s book, celebrate the day by visiting a place you enjoyed together or treat yourself to something nice! And most importantly, surround yourself with family and good friends, there’s nothing better for the soul!

There are so many lovely things we can do with our Mothers on ANY weekend! Our advice is, try not to wait for the occasion weekends! Treat your Mum whenever you can, they deserve it! It’s the little things that make us most happy. Happy Mothers Day to you all!