Top Tips For Summer!

Summer is a wonderful time for fresh cut flowers!

Here at Oasis Florist in Terenure, we try to source Irish Grown flowers and foliage as much as possible so in store at the moment we have a great selection of beautiful Irish stock! There is an abundance of blooms you can typically find flowering in the garden such as delphinium, gladioli, alstromeria, phlox and sweet William.

Top Tip: To get the best out of your cut flowers this summer, cut an inch off the ends and put them in fresh, clean cold water. Try and change the water every second day to avoid it getting murky and keep the flowers in a cool but light area out of the direct sun which will allow them to open slowly and hence last longer!

With the rise in temperature and wonderful sunshine, plants in the garden or in pots need a lot of extra water. Yes of course we get our fair share of rain, but this will NOT water your plants sufficiently as the rain rarely reaches the roots and the warm winds really dry out the soil. Therefore, a good watering of the flower beds once a week and plants in pots/baskets every second night is essential.

Top Tip: Make the most of your garden by taking cuttings of beautiful fresh seasonal foliages and blooms and pop them in jam jars or an old teapot to create a lovely display for a kitchen table or in the bathroom!

On our website ( there are some lovely options to choose from in the Summer Specials category. The Summer Garden Pastels bouquet and the Wild Garden Bouquet are always popular and if you are unsure what to send, just choose the Florist Choice Bouquet and let us create something special for you! Call in and see us in Terenure where this month we have lovely little dressed tin cans of flowers perfect as a simple gift and freshly made bouquets and arrangements to suit every budget!

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