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Valentines Day – We’re here to help!

Not sure what to get for your special someone this Valentines Day? We are here to help! It can be tricky to know what to send whether you are with your partner a few months or 30 years but trust us, everyone loves to receive flowers.

We often meet bewildered newly coupled up customers, very unsure of what to get! Do they go full on 12 Red Roses? Or keep it simple and go for a Single Red Rose? Is it too over the top or not good enough? Well here’s what we think, and with over 25 years experience, we have seen it all!

If you are with someone for only a few weeks/months, we recommend keeping it simple. A single wrapped Rose with some chocolates and/or a bottle of bubbles says you care without scaring the proverbial out of them! Or a super cute fresh Spring Bouquet, not too cliche, just very dainty and pretty. Won’t break the bank but will definitely put you in the good books 😉

For those of you with long term partners/wives/girlfriends or boyfriends, a Classic Dozen is always an impressive option. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a fancy gift wrapped bouquet of roses to their home or office and basking in the smugness of watching your neighbours or colleagues envious looks. LOL!

For myself personally, roses would not be my particular preference. I love a nice bouquet of tulips or lisianthus! (hint hint!) If you know your better half loves a certain flower, treat them to a beautiful bunch of whatever they fancy! It’s definitely more romantic that you remember their favourite and shows real thought & effort.

A special mention for all the mamas out there! If you have welcomed a new baby this year or have a wonderful partner who is smashing it out of the park in the parenting department, go the extra mile and show them what an amazing job you know they are doing! Our Antique Rose Bouquet is a popular choice or the lovely Wild Garden style bouquet. Maybe pick up a little flower each from the kids for Mum, it’s those little gestures that get us Mamas every time!

Regardless of what stage in your relationship you are at, giving flowers is always a good idea. It’s not something we usually treat ourselves to and you don’t have to spend a fortune, the sentiment is always the same so you really can’t go wrong. If you’re not sure what to choose, just pop in and see our selection or give us a call on (01) 4900112 and we can advise you.