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Valentine’s Day – New Trends for 2019!

Christmas and New Years are barely in our rear view mirrors, but for florists, all eyes are forward, gearing towards one our busiest days of the year! Whilst it is has still not surpassed the Mothers day trade, Valentines Day is CRAZY busy as 95% of all orders have to be delivered on the 14th! Extra drivers and staff are called in and we can carry up to 800% more stock in the 2 days leading up to the 14th. So its pretty intense!

In the last few years however, while roses still remain hugely popular , there has been a shift away from the Classic Dozen Red Roses, in favour of Mixed Selection Bouquets. With a Mixed Bouquet, the client receives a variety of different blooms, including roses, and their favourite flowers be it lillies, freesia, tulips, etc., These Mixed Bouquets can look fuller than your Classic Dozen with some finding them better value for money.

Another popular choice has been Half Dozen & Dozen Roses in colours such as pink, yellow, white or mixed colours! Not everyone likes Red Roses, with some customers finding them quite cliched. Typically we dress these Coloured Dozens with mixed foliages, wax flower or trachelium as the stark white of the gypsophilia doesn’t compliment these colours as it does the rich reds.

Regardless, our favourite will remain the simple Dozen Red Roses! It’s traditional, romantic and always an impressive display. Yes Roses have a reputation for not lasting as long as certain other flowers, but with new stronger varieties coming in from South America and if treated correctly, your roses should look good for 10-15 days! (see below for how best to treat your roses) We offer three main options, The Classic Dozen (12 Rich Red Roses with mixed foliage and/or Gypsophila). The Deluxe Dozen ( 12 Long Stemmed Deep Red Roses with Foliage, twigs, pussy willow and/or Gypsophila) or The Showstopper!!! ( 24 Beautiful Grade A Roses with glossy delicious foliage in a Florabox!) Half Dozen Rose Bouquets in all colours are available, and you can upgrade to get your order arranged in a vase for convenience.

Lots of options too for our clients who wish to pick up a Bouquet to compliment another gift. Dainty, short & sweet Spring Style Bouquets are perfect to accompany a nice bottle of Champagne or Gift Boxed Jewellery. Single Wrapped Roses will be available for collection on 13/14th, and a good selection of Bouquets in all shapes and sizes.

As always, we ask our customers to order early as we operate a first come first served policy. This means the early birds get the pick of the flowers first! Not that we won’t have anything left on the day, but if you are after something in particular, its always best to pre-order!

We would take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Valentines Day!

*Tips For Roses*

There are a few simple things you can do to extend the life of your Roses. All our Roses are conditioned when they arrive to us so they will be in great condition when you receive them. We de-thorn each rose, cut each stem at an angle, dip in boiled water and place in deep clean water with flower food to drink for at least 48 hours before we can arrange them!

*The first thing you can do when you receive your roses is unwrap the packaging from them as soon as possible so they can breath. The wrapping is for transport and presentation and not designed to display your bouquet long term. (Unless presented in a vase, where the water will still need to be refreshed after 2/3 days and we recommend removing any wrapping paper.)

*Prepare a vase of fresh clean water and add your flower food.

*Stand the stems (NOT THE HEADS!) of the Roses in 1 inch of boiling water for 1 minute. The hot water shoots up the stems, unblocking any air pockets which may have formed and allowing the roses to drink. You can repeat this every 2/3 days, cutting an inch off the stems each time and refreshing the water.

*If any marked or withered leaves or petals appear, remove them immediately.

*Keep the roses out of direct sunlight if possible as this causes the blooms to burst open quicker.

*Keep your flowers away from radiators and heaters as the heat will dry them out. Remember, the Roses are packed, transported and stored in cool conditions so the cooler position the better.